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LJ’s Coaching Style

What colorful experiences we will enjoy!

coaching, mentoring, strategy, empowerment, visualization, brainstorming, goal setting, accountability, marketing, publicity, education, call to action… SUCCESS!

When we work together, we will collaborate to create a plan of action tailored to your individual situation. Your business is unique because of what you bring. Your experience is unique because of what I bring.

The ideal client for my style of coaching/mentoring already recognizes the value of building or expanding a relationship based business. My clients typically come to me with passion for an untamed vision; ideas that are solid, but might lack a directional plan to reach the right audiences.

Let me help you color in the outline of your plan and create a masterpiece of success and fulfillment!

If you believe that building a strong presence and core relationships will bring you more business opportunities, leads, and offers; and if you’re open to new ideas for developing strategies and marketing activities that may seem a bit more creative than you have used in the past to experience extreme targeting that reaches a micro targeted group of influential contacts, we should visit.

You probably have questions. The first being, “why LJ?”

“Take a proactive approach and get off the couch or out from behind your screen and get out there! Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. LJ reminded me that you eventually have to just get out there; connect with people, take control of your dreams!”  Rodney M, Sales

I have experienced moderate success in building businesses and helping others do the same. I’ve worked diligently to establish a reputable presence and media value.  While I’ve worked with lots of professionals in many different positions and industries, the common goal is always the same; success and fulfillment. The difference is what equates to success and fulfillment for each individual. We can talk about your specific needs in a discovery phone call, and if I don’t think I can deliver value to you, I’ll let you know. I trust you’ll do the same. The goal, after all, is building a relationship that empowers you. If you aren’t empowered and motivated by our chemistry, it just won’t work.

We will be meeting either by phone or via Skype video, for a minimum of three sessions that will occur within a six week period. There’s a philosophy behind this time frame. We’re going to be brainstorming A LOT! I will expect you to have your mind set to learn, grow, and DO. How would either of us know if you’re making progress toward your goal if we don’t take the time to follow up on the items we discuss? We’ ll work through your vision, build goals to support that vision, work out a plan, and then work through the details of all this.

Yes; you’ll have “homework”, but there’s no way to fail in LJ’s class. If you make an honest effort to move toward the goals you shared with me, you pass. Even more important, you win.

Sessions will be approximately one hour. We will work on your business growth strategies, confidence in your direction, marketing, sales, challenges, presence management, media (if applicable), and all other items relative to the goals and timeline we have developed together.  You will be able to send me a reasonable amount of emails between our calls. Occasional phone calls for time sensitive issues are also welcomed. Please keep these brief, on topic, and thought organized.

If this sounds good so far, set up a time for a get to know you call. I don’t want your money until I’ve determined I can help you build confidence, discover direction, and create a strategy of empowering success that will be a fit for your life and situation. Once we establish that, we’ll get to the “paid” stuff. How does that sound?

Ready. Set. Grow.

Please, do share!